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Monthly Breakfast: Intuitive Decision Making

  • We Work 450 Lexington Avenue New York, NY, 10017 United States (map)

Our featured speaker, Karin Bellantoni, is a growth strategist and executive coach who works with business leaders by liberating them from personal and professional fears, advancing their strengths rapidly.

Are You Blocking Your Intuition? The world of data overload has us sitting in our left brains. This increases the filter through which we view decision making. As this filter gets thicker, our intuition becomes blocked. When we try to fix the problem the same way we always have, the result is the same. These distractions have left us disconnected from our intuition, and we miss out on how to use this powerful channel for decision making.

How do you know, what you know? In some cases, we are simply unaware of how we know what know. Therefore, we don't trust our decisions! We have allowed our awareness to move from the world of unlimited potential to a limited world that we have created.

How is all this impacting your business? Slow and no decision making leaves us stuck and frustrated — or worse, see-sawing, confusing ourselves and others. We need our intuition to recruit, hire, pitch, raise capital, and close sales!

Join us in this workshop to discuss actionable steps to get unstuck quickly and become the leaders we are meant to be!

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