Brand Strategy 101

Your brand drives your competitive advantage. It sets you apart in the market, helping you to reach, engage, and acquire customers in order to drive revenue and build value.


Many businesses think of their brand as their logo, website, or advertising strategy, and invest a lot of time and money in these. But your brand is so much more. It is the place your company occupies in people’s hearts and minds. It is your promise — what you promise to deliver to all your stakeholders when they do business with you.

And while your brand is not your logo, on-target visual design and style elements are essential. Effective logos become synonymous with the organizations they portray. And developing a memorable slogan or tagline is your hook. Most of us can complete this lines without thinking:

“America runs on ____” or “Like a good neighbor ____”. That’s comprehensive brand strategy.

In this presentation, Nancy Ruzow of Ruzow Graphics and Felicia Stingone of Chief Marketing Partners, share the basics of brand and how you can take your strategy to the next level.

Click here for the presentation.

Lucy Andersen