How to Get Out of Your Own Way on the Path to Success

At our May breakfast, work-culture guru and life coach Marjorie Spitz led a fun, interactive MOJO Makers™ workshop to help us overcome the negative attitudes, defeatist thinking, and discouraging self-talk that is holding us back.

Marjorie asked us to think about the language we use every day:

I’ll try

I should

I just

I believe

I’m sorry

This may be a bad idea but…

I’ll do ___ when ___.

Any of these phrases sound familiar? Are we using one or more regularly? 

Getting out of our own way starts not only by treating ourselves with compassion but also with strong and supportive verbal acknowledgements: 

I will

I commit to

I am

I want

The language we use affects our ability to succeed. When we subconsciously bring defeatist and negative thinking into the mix, we’re blocking our own path to the things we want. We can begin to overcome this blockage by replacing negative, guilt-ridden language with affirming words and committed language.

Start it. Start it right now, and stop trying.

Learn more about Marjorie’s work here and her restorative Montauk Retreats filled with ocean air, yoga, meditation, healthy meals, health coaching, and beach bliss. The next retreat is October 4–6, 2019.

Carol Tuite